Celebrating Indigenous Fashion Designers from Africa and the Caribbean in Canada

Indigenous Fashion Designers from Africa and the Caribbean in Canada

Canada’s fashion landscape is rich with diversity, reflecting the nation’s multicultural fabric. Among the many voices shaping Canadian fashion are Indigenous designers from Africa and the Caribbean. We’ll shine a spotlight on some of these talented designers, celebrating their creativity, heritage, and contributions to Canadian fashion.

Now let’s dive into spotlighting a few Indigenous Fashion Designers from Africa and the Caribbean in Canada

Afrodelik Designs:

Based in Toronto, Afrodelik Designs is one of the Indigenous Fashion Designers from Africa and the Caribbean in Canada. A dynamic fashion brand that blends African aesthetics with contemporary style. Founder Francisca O. Aku Akpabio draws inspiration from her Nigerian heritage to create bold and expressive designs that celebrate African culture.

Furthermore, Afrodelik Designs offers a refreshing take on African-inspired fashion, from vibrant Ankara prints to statement accessories.


Secondly is Chinedesign. Founded by Chinedu Ukabam, is a Toronto-based fashion label known for its fusion of African and Western influences. Drawing inspiration from his Nigerian roots and Canadian upbringing, Ukabam creates eclectic pieces that reflect his multicultural identity. With a focus on sustainable practices and ethical production, Chinedesign offers a modern perspective on African fashion that resonates with a diverse audience.

Jaycon Apparel

Since opening the first Jaycon Apparel outlet in Africa, Nigeria. 2011 and Canada 2019, they have been dedicated to offering the highest quality of Service in the Fashion Industry. Jaycon Apparel as one of the Indigenous Fashion Designers from Africa and the Caribbean in Canada has been able to express African Fashion through his designs

Meanwhile, Jaycon Apparel’s creative director continually visits the Factory and stores to ensure our team of inspiring young designers are trained in excellence and creativity to exceed our clients and society’s expectations.

House of Koopslie:

House of Koopslie, founded by Danielle Sparrow, is an Edmonton-based fashion brand specializing in versatile and stylish headwear. Inspired by her Jamaican heritage, Sparrow infuses her designs with elements of Caribbean culture and craftsmanship. From cosy turbans to trendy headbands,

Also, the House of Koopslie celebrates inclusivity and self-expression, offering accessories for people of all backgrounds and hair types.


COKANNA, founded by Cheryl Kozoriz, is a Montreal-based fashion label that celebrates Caribbean-inspired elegance and sophistication. With a focus on timeless silhouettes and luxurious fabrics, COKANNA offers versatile pieces that exude confidence and style. From flowy dresses to chic resort wear, COKANNA embodies the laid-back glamour of the Caribbean, making it a favourite among fashion-forward Canadians.

In conclusion, Indigenous fashion designers from Africa and the Caribbean are making significant strides in Canada’s fashion industry. They are successfully infusing their designs with cultural richness and innovation. We embrace diversity and promote inclusivity in Canadian fashion by celebrating their talent and contributions. Whether it’s through vibrant prints, sustainable practices, or cultural storytelling, these designers inspire us to embrace our heritage and celebrate our shared humanity through fashion.

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