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Africaribana operates on a commission-based pricing model where sellers are charged a 10% commission on all their sales for a particular month. This means that for every item a seller successfully sells on Africaribana within a given month, the platform retains 10% of the total sales value as its fee.

Here’s a breakdown of how this commission system works:

  1. Sales Transactions: When a seller lists their products on Africaribana and a customer makes a purchase, the total sale amount is calculated based on the price of the item(s) and any additional charges like shipping fees, if applicable.

  2. 10% Commission: Africaribana then calculates 10% of the total sales value for that particular month. This percentage represents the commission fee that the platform charges the seller for using its marketplace services.

  3. Monthly Billing: At the end of each month, Africaribana generates a billing statement for each seller, summarizing the total sales for that month and the corresponding 10% commission fee. This fee is what the seller owes to Africaribana for the services provided.

  4. Payment: Sellers are typically required to pay their monthly commission fees to Africaribana within a specified time frame, often through a payment method designated by the platform. This ensures a transparent and straightforward process for settling commission dues.

  5. Continuous Cycle: The commission is calculated and billed on a monthly basis, allowing sellers to keep track of their expenses and manage their financial obligations to Africaribana accordingly.

In summary, Africaribana’s 10% commission fee is a straightforward and transparent way for the platform to generate revenue while providing sellers with access to its marketplace and its array of services. Sellers can list their products, reach a diverse audience, and benefit from the platform’s marketing efforts, all while knowing that they will be charged a commission fee of 10% on their monthly sales. This fee structure allows sellers to focus on their businesses while Africaribana takes care of the platform’s operational costs and continued growth.

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