• Matlock Bread

    Matlock bread has a subtle sweetness that enhances its flavor and makes it a versatile option for both savory and sweet fillings. Experience the delightful taste and soft texture of Matlock bread as you bite into its fluffy goodness. 

    CAD $3.85
  • Cassava Flour

    Our 3.5lb cassava flour is made from 100% pure cassava roots, free from additives, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms. It undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards, delivering consistent results every time.

    CAD $10.99
  • Tuo Zaafi

    Tuo Powder is a convenient and time-saving solution to prepare the beloved Ghanaian dish, Tuo Zaafi, also known as TZ or Tuo Zafi. This traditional dish is a cherished delicacy in Ghana, particularly in the northern regions, and now you can enjoy its rich taste and cultural significance in your own kitchen with the simplicity of Tuo Powder.

    CAD $6.60
  • Kinazi Cassava Flour

    Kinazi Cassava Flour is more than just a product; it’s a testament to sustainability, community empowerment, and wholesome nutrition. Sourced from the fertile fields of Rwanda, this premium cassava flour is a result of traditional farming practices, innovative processing, and a commitment to promoting local agriculture.

    CAD $15.00
  • ScotMaple Combo Bundle

    Discover the perfect blend of tradition and health with the ScotMaple combo bundle at the Africaribana Store. Shop now and elevate your meals with our premium Fufu Flour, bringing authentic flavors to your kitchen.

    CAD $76.99
  • Semovita – 4lb

    Semovita is incredibly easy to prepare, and it is often used to make a thick, starchy porridge or dough, depending on the desired consistency.

    CAD $13.19